Single Parents Date - Tips for First Date with Someone New

Tips for single parents - how to make the first date with someone new go as well as possible imagesAs a single parent, a first date with someone new can be exciting and frightening. You want to create a good impression, get to know the other person, and hopefully have a good time. Use the following tips to help make that first date go as well as possible. Single parents date:

1. Do not be late. Make sure that your arrangements for your kids are air-tight. Allow plenty of time to get to your destination. Being late for a first date can make the person think that you've stood him or her up, and probably won't get you a second date no matter how good your excuse.

2. Do pay attention to your date's behavior. Is he or she ogling you or worse, the person next to you? Does he or she treat the waitress rudely? Do you feel comfortable around him or her? A person's words may be saying one thing, but behavior is often the best gauge of a person's true character.

3. Keep your attitude positive. Look for things that you can compliment such as your date's clothing or the fun that you are having with him or her. If you can find nothing to compliment, then don't be fake; however, this is a good sign that you don't need a second outing with him or her. Don't complain about what's wrong in your life such as your financial woes or kid problems.

4. Do not discuss your kids all night. Your date wants to get to know you, not your children, at least not yet. While you may find the subject fascinating, he will probably just be bored.

5. Be yourself with your date. While it is natural to want to impress your date, you do not want to mispresent yourself as this will come back to haunt you later.

6. Do not appear needy. Single parents often have a laundry list of things that need repair, kids that need rides, housework to be done, etc. Don't give the impression that you are dating to find someone to help out at home.

7. Thank your date, even if you are not interested in seeing him or her again. If you did enjoy the date, be sure to mention it.

By following these single parent dating tips, you will be a good date for others and have the best chance of meeting that special someone.

Author: Annie Parron

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