Types of women - A Child-Like Woman

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Types of women - A Child-like Woman imageSome psychologists put a line between a child-like woman and a woman who acts like a child. They say there are two different types of women: childish and child-like. The first type explains a woman's behaviour. The second type is about facial features. But according to the physiognomy there is a dependence between facial appearance, particular configuration, on the one hand, and a person's nature (character), on the other hand. I made my personal observations. Now I can say that childlike features tell about a childish nature. The more characteristic features of babyface a woman has, the more child-like features of the character she has.

Is it good or bad to love a childish girl? What are the perspectives on the love relationship between a man and a child-like woman?
First of all, you love her. It's great, because you love = you live! It's the best period of your life.
Secondly, you love a girl who brings more light into your life, like a spring, every day. It's especially valuable in the morning, when you're opening your eyes, see your beloved "sun" and have a great energy boost to start the day successfully, and in the evening, when you're tired, you come home and see your lovely "star" - she makes you smile, relax and forget all your troubles. Yes, sometimes she can cry, like any woman. But in this case you will be sure that she is sincere. Her tears soon can be replaced with laughter. A big advantage of a childlike woman is her peacefullness. She will not hold grudge for a long time. Either she laughs or cries - she does that whole-heartedly, sincerely, she is not afraid to be herself. That's why it's almost always easy to know what is on her mind. Just look into her eyes! This  type of a woman is a special mix of pureness, sincerity and sexuality, that attracts, keeps and inspires. Her open-mindness and curiosity are fundamental notes for passion and romance in your sexual life. She is like a breathe of fresh air.

At the same time, she is more sensitive, than other types of women. Try to be careful when choosing the right words and not so impulsive and rude when you're in a bad mood. It's not a good idea for a man to keep order by snapping at the childlike woman. Keep in mind, you're 2-in-1 for your beloved woman: both a husband and a teacher (like a father). Try to combine love and care with strictness in the right place at the right time.

Such a woman lives out of "templates" and social standards, because she follows, like a child, her heart. That has its good and bad points. You can compare her with a pure tinkling stream - a bit naive and rash, but natural, real.
A lack of maturity makes her unprepared (more or less) to adulthood, that is why she needs a real man, an adult man - responsible and purposeful. I know two families with such combination of female and male characteristics. They are happy!
So, if you want to attract a childlike woman and create a happy union, you should have a strong character, be brave, be a leader.

Some people associate childishness with "capricious", "naughty" character, that is considered in some way a child's characteristic. I think it is a mistaken approach, because there are different children. A child's behaviour depends on the appropriate upbringing. Sometimes a child acts wrong or says wrong things. It is just because a boy or a girl doesn't know the rules of our adult life, because lack of information and life experience.
The most important and valuable traits of the children are innocence, purity, simplicity. It's a pity that such great qualities are gradually lost by many grown-ups.

What do you think of childlike women? Share your thoughts and experience.

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