Drama Queen - What is a Drama Queen personality?

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Drama Queen imageDrama Queen can be easily found in the crowd. This type of women typically has a nostalgic look. That is why I call her "Lady-Autumn". It is known that Drama Queens are partially made in their childhood. There could be different reasons, for example, neglecting by parents or classmates. As a result, young girls were unable to express themselves, their thoughts and feelings.

What is a Drama Queen personality?
Drama Queen likes to take care of herself and knows how to dress attractive. She is gentle and attentive to her man's needs. Most of them are conservatives. If you ask your girlfriend what are her favourite movies and TV programs, she will recall old famous movies and shows she watched and loved as a child. Drama Queen prefers romantic music. She likes to read relationship books. She is dreaming of a prince on a tall white horse who will come into her life and take care of her. She will love and respect him.

There are things you should remember about drama-queens.
Drama queens are interesting conversationalists until they are upset about something. On the one hand, these women are sensitive, touchy and used to see the life mostly in dark colors. On the other hand, there is a tendency to idealize their partner and people around her. Such qualities make them inclined to depression more often than other women. If she was offended by someone or any other unpleasant thing happened to her, she can think and talk about this problem all days and nights. They express emotional reactions to almost every situation: she can be a "wind", in an hour, she is a "sun", then - "snow", "rain", etc. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean your Drama Queen will be sad or cry every other day. If everything in your family is ok, then she will feel herself happy and confident, she will smile and sometimes laugh, and the most important thing - she will become less responsive to unmeaningful things in life.

The best partner for a Drama Queen is a calm man, an attentive patient listener who can spend hours in conversation and then watch melodrama. If you love this woman and want to have happy relationship, then take under control her negative emotions, don't let them grind your beloved woman for a long time, try to redirect her mind to something positive.

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