Nice girls - Where and How to meet a nice girl?

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Nice girls meet imageNice girls are sincere, sweet, lovable and a bit shy. These girls are kind-hearted, they used to help others. "Nice girl" is usually considered in contrast to "boss women" and "aggressive" types of women. A nice girl will love you for who you are and will not teach you. She will do almost everything you want, because she can’t say "no". On the one hand, their responsiveness is their advantage, on the other hand, they think more about others than about themselves and they do good things to others most of the time. As a result, it's difficult for them to reach their goals. Such type of women is more likely to become a careful wife and mother, a good homemaker than a careermaker. She is an attentive listener and a good friend, honest and reliable. She will do her best to make you happy. A nice girl needs a loving and supportive man. Are you the one for her?

How to meet a nice girl? Where to meet nice girls?

Nice girls are everywhere, just look around: in the street, office, cultural and community centers, libraries, shops, cinemas, local bars, tea houses etc. Nice girls usually choose a place where there is not too loud, they love nature. The only obstacle is their shyness.  If a nice girl doesn't react well to your compliments and your invititation to have coffee with her, don't give up. Be smart and try another ways to attract her. Be flexible! Keep in mind, she can even say "No", yet she thinks "Yes". That is why, you'll better see her thoughts on her face.

Sometimes nice girls don't know how to respond to a smile from a stranger.
There are 3 typical reactions:

  • she hides herself in a shell inside of her;
  • she is at a loss, don't know what to say;
  • she sustains a conversation, but in an unobtrusive manner; she doesn't talk too much.

Internet is the best way to meet nice girls and establish relationships, because it makes them feel more confident and they become more communicative. Send her electronic invitation for a date. If she likes you, she will 99% accept it.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 November 2010

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