Men look for in a woman - What men like in women

Written by Helen Sunny   

The results of the poll and my personal experience discovered things men look for in a woman, what men like and dislike, how a woman should look and feel to attract a man and keep him.

Men like not only your look, they like your heartSome women are extremely critical to their look. They consider they have a very small mouth, too big nose, even brows are placed too close. Pursuing a fashion, women make their brows more thick, but in a while they change them to thin, or make their lips more plump, then – neat. As a result, natural compatibility (unique advantage) is almost or totally lost, and a woman has to be more creative and wise to make up the deficiency. The results of my poll showed that every man loves and evaluates a special part of the woman's body of a special size (for example, big or small): breasts, buttocks, legs, lips, fingers, toes, hair etc. For example, one day my good friend made it clear what has attracted him  to his future wife: "She came into the office. I looked at her – just a nice girl, but when she passed by me, I saw her buttocks – they were big and so beautiful, and I decided that this girl will be mine in any case!”

By the way, I showed a photo of an ideal woman (researchers created using best features of the most beautiful women in the world) to my boy-friends. And nobody chose that girl. Men don't look for an ideal woman, men need a special. If a girl changes her body according to the fashion tendencies, for all at once, she will most likely lose her chance to meet her mate, at least because of one simple reason: a body reflects our nature (character, temperament; for example, people who have plump lips are more sensitive than others with a thin lips; some features, for example, shape of the head can even tell us about main values of the person), by changing facial features a girl deceives a man with false “claims”, she pretends to be a woman she isn't and, accordingly, attracts a "wrong" mate.  As a result, misunderstanding between a woman and a man develops gradually as far as they become closer, especially when they start living together, namely when a woman acts in one way, but a man expects and see another way.

And now a few words about common things men like in women. For some time I observed men in the street – features they pay attention to first of all. Eyes! Men look at our eyes, expression of the face, as if they “photograph” us. And then they look at their beloved part of the body. Men examine our eyes first, because they are the mirror of the soul. And expression of the face reflects a character of the woman's energy. A man feels this energy deeply. If it attracts him, if his pulsation speeds up and a wish to breath a woman occurs to him, then a man wants to be with a woman in spite of anything. It doesn't matter whether you are a self-confident woman or not. If your eyes sincerely shine, you have a big attraction for men. I know that our life presents both pleasant and unpleasant “surprises”, that is why we don't smile all the time. But here we talk about approach to life that prevails, we determines our usual mood that reflects in the face. If a woman is a pessimist, skeptic, too proud, insolent in her manner towards others, then even best make-up will not be able to keep a real man near her for a long period of time.

Proper posture with your back straight and your shoulders back is your additional advantage. It says about health, your strong character, active thinking and optimism. In other words, such a woman has prompt nature, she will not sweat the small stuff every day and she will try to solve all upcoming problems instead of losing her heart and lamenting bitterly about her misfortune.

When meeting in person somewhere, for example, in a restaurunt, a man estimates a woman's neat. Polished fingernails, stylish hair-done, well-cared-for hands – all these features attract a man, but  the first important thing is cleanliness: clean hair, clothes, clean-smelling breath and pleasant natural scent of the clean body. That is why, if you have time just for on thing, for example, you have to choose between make-up and taking a shower-bath, you will better take a shower-bath.

Good posture makes you look healthy, confident and slimmer.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 28 October 2010

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