How do I know if he likes me

If he likes meIf he likes me? If he likes my lips, eyes, smell...? A woman asks herself this question again and again. On the one side, she may feel something in her heart, on the other side, she is looking for more facts and reasons to believe him. Hope this article will help women to know what's going on in his mind?

How To Really Tell If A Guy Likes You

I and you have probably read mostly flawed and clueless articles on how to tell if a guy likes you. The reason these articles are flawed and clueless is because they are mostly written by women, who, respectfully, have no idea of the complex system that is man. So, in this article, I am going to clue you ladies in on how to tell if a guy really likes you.

Firstly, if a man is attracted to you, there will NEVER or hardly ever be a time that you will walk by and he will not take time to look. For the most part, he will check you out everytime you walk by because he is fascinated by you. That's clue one.

Now, we all know that most men will come over and chat with you if he likes you. But you need to understand how he does it. He will first act professional and friendly. He will see how well the conversation can get started. If you act stuck up or withdrawn, he will think you're not interested. (And no man likes a stuck up woman anyway). If you respond in a smiling and friendly manner, he will continue chatting with you. The reason he works cautiously around these different levels of conversation is to see if he can loosen you up and see what kind of woman you are. He wants to see if you're joyous, friendly, exciting, etc. And the more he loosens you up, the more comfortable he will become in asking you out.

He will not ask you if you have a boyfriend until you have made him comfortable enough to do so. He will ask you things like, "Are you from this area?" "Do you live by yourself?" These questions usually lead to the answer of "Do you have a boyfriend?" He will dig as deep into your personality and background as he can. And he will almost make it his mission to chat with you every time he sees you. Unless, of course, you two are business partners or something where he has to speak with you daily. But if he takes time out of his day to come over to your department and chat, he likes you.

He will smile every single time he talks to you, and he will usually talk sweet to you. And if you have made him comfortable enough, he will flirt with you. He may tickle your stomach very quickly. He may play with your hair to get your attention. He may gently pinch you on the arm. And/or he may wink at you. But if you have not made him comfortable enough, he will not flirt with you. How do you make him feel comfortable enough? There are a few common ways. Never fail to make eye-contact when you talk to him. Never fail to smile. And never act like you're bored, even if you are. And don't be afraid to laugh and joke with him. In other words, being open will make him comfortable.

He will use every excuse he can to be around you. His confidence and performance at work will go up because he looks forward to being around you, if in fact you work with him. If not, you may still see an increase in this because of how happy he is. At this point, it is a dead giveaway that he likes you. At this point, it is not just his personality.

And lastly, I want to discuss one big misconception that most women have when they try to write articles like this. They call it "If everyone likes you, so will he." That's not how it happens on earth. A man could not care less if you're the most popular or isolated, the head manager or regular worker. He is looking for someone to fill that lonely spot and give him the love and affection he so desires. He does not care about prestige or money.

Ladies, I honestly hope that this has been helpful.

Author: Priest Christopher Aldridge

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