Everything starts with a woman - make him respect you!

Written by Helen Sunny   

How to make a man respect youWomen establish the rules. We do not speak about those rules, but our actions and reactions build the system of mutual relations with a man from the very first meeting and then it transforms into specific family relationship. If a woman let her man to raise his voice against her, to swear at her, to say rude words, to raise his hand on her (even sometimes), then his consciousness receives a permission on the repeated actions, and later he will do the same things more often, especially after the wedding.

Your self-esteem defines the level of respect of the man to you. I knew a girl who was beaten by her guy once a week. Earlier I personally talked to that guy. He was a very polite and attentive man, moreover, once he showed me his lyrics to read, I liked what I read, all words were very deep and sensitive. But one day I found out that the guy beat his girl - I was shocked by such unexpected news. The girl often complained to her girlfriends about her current boyfriend, she cried. There were many times when we tried to talk sense into her. She left him, but soon went back to him. She told us to look at her boyfriend's good points. Someone could think she was a masochist, but if she was, she would have never complained. Last of all, she married him. Low self-respect and low self-esteem let her stayed, she felt there was nowhere to go except returning to him, and then he hited her again. A good man, a real man will never raise his hand on the woman he loves. If your guy ever abuse you, it is clear that he does not love you as much as you think so. Wake up! A gentleman is a gentleman and will continue to be one always - when dating and after marriage. Make him respect you from the very beginning! Don't let him abuse you! Everything starts from self-esteem.

Another example is from my past campus life. Boys always knocked first, asked whether they could come in and then steped in our room. On the other hand, there were other girls' rooms: boys burst through the door without any knocking, came in, lay on the bed in their dirty shoes and demanded something to eat.

Make men respect you! We should feel glad and confident for who we are. If you are going through difficult times, try to find some hours early morning or in the midday (not evening) to relax, to think in silence about the most important things in your life, open your mind to your natural feelings about the current situation and prospects, try to see the clear picture of your life and realize what you want, like and don't like. Right answers usually go from inside. Just listen to your heart: whether it smiles or feels unhappy and insides gripped when you plan something. Think, make a decision, plan and act! Often when you are at the bleakest stage of your life, right people will come to you to help you and good things will happen somehow.  Each of us deserves a better life. Be happy!

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Last Updated on Thursday, 14 October 2010
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