How to treat a man in public and at home

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How to treat a man to have happy relationshipWhen my brothers and I were children, we couldn't behave all the time, our actions and reactions sometimes were wrong, yet we had the best intentions. Our grandmother never criticized or scolded us in public. Even at home her voice was calm, confident and optimistic, and her thoughts were exact and convincing. There was a good combination of love and logic in her behavior. She knew the right time for hugs, smile and strictness. As a result, such treatment and teaching methods didn't touch our self-confidence and self-respect. We were so thankful for her patience and wisdom. She was a real teacher.

It is painful when someone says us unpleasant things in the presence of others. On the other hand, constructive criticism face to face is usually taken as advice and friendly guidance. This rule works for men, too. Prestige, social status are of great importance for them. If you don't like something about your man as regards social life, relationship or housekeeping, tell him about your thoughts at home. Talk to him as a friend, not in a teaching or threatening manner. Be specific, use the most effective words, clear and succinct. Keep your tone firm. Try not to be nervous. Whatever he says to you, never react angrily, as this will only worsen the problem. Don't get mad at him over stupid little stuff. Treat a man with respect, respect yourself and he will respect you. For example, you give him time alone and with his friends, whether you love them or not. If you feel they have bad influence on him and your relationship, let him know what do you think about all of that in a quiet, respective manner. On the other hand, you have time alone and with your friends.

Some more tips on "How to treat a man" that might be useful:

  • Smile or say "thank you" to nice things he does for you. It doesn't matter whether those things are big or small.
  • Compliment his strengths, discover new talents and help him develop them.
  • Remember his favorite things. Occasionally watch movies with him that you don't like.
  • Help him coordinate his clothes. Make sure he has everything needed. 
  • Don't baby him all the time!
    Night is the only time when you can take him under your strong wing :) and let him feel relaxed (don't overdo).
  • Initiate sex sometimes and offer to try something new in bed. Be sexy!
  • If you are getting something to drink or eat, ask him if he wants anything.
  • Text him from time to time (not all the time) to let him know you are thinking about him, you love him.

This will help you save and have happy relationship.

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